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Who We Are

We are a small Minnesota-based team dedicated to bringing delicious products to our fans in incredible packaging, while inspiring them to think bigger and enjoy life every step of the way!

Where We Are Now

“I put the company on hiatus when I moved to Minneapolis in 2012, but in 2015 I got the urge to re-launch Chowza Confections. I needed a talented graphic/packaging designer so I asked my friend Cody if he would be interested. Cody is an excellent designer and has been a huge fan of the product since the beginning, so his eyes lit up the moment I brought the idea to him.

After getting together an incredibly talented team to help us each step of the way, including our successful Kickstarter campaign, we re-launched back Chowza Confections with an entirely neimagined product line in amazing new packaging!”

Where It All Started

Chris, Founder: “I started Chowza Confections in Menomonie, WI after I made some of this tasty snack as gifts for some friends. I wondered if we could improve on this nostalgic snack with unique flavors, so I began to experiment in my kitchen with the help of some talented friends. Friends and neighbors loved all of the bold flavors, and suggested I start selling the different varieties.

I was quickly in a commercial kitchen, and three flavors of Chowza were for sale around town and on the University of Wisconsin – Stout campus: Classic, Mint, and Butterscotch. Over 11,000 bags of Chowza were handmade and sold in the first three years!”

“ There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
- Linda Grayson -

Midwest Values

Our team retains the values that the Midwest is known for: compassion, dedication, strong work ethic, and high quality. We love working with other Midwest companies who share those values. We are very proud to be working with a local candymaker here in Minnesota and a packaging manufacturer in Wisconsin.

Since the very beginning, a core piece of our brand has been inspiring and motivating our fans with hand-selected inspirational quotes on our packaging that will brighten someone’s day, inspire them to think bigger, and motivate them to pursue the things in life that they desire.

On top of all that, we love getting our fans involved however we can! Our fans help taste test our flavor samples to help us perfect each flavor, and thousands of votes came in for the huge pick-the-next-flavor-of-Chowza competition. The winner was S’mores Chowza!

If you’d like to join in, you should “Get Our Updates” and we will let you know anytime something exciting is happening in the world of Chowza Confections!

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